Track your baby's daily activity easily, starting from day one.

Keeping up with your newborn’s every move is a challenge once a good night’s sleep has become the exception. Mamae is your baby’s activity tracker for a healthy and happy start in life.


Breast feeding provides your baby with all the nutrients it needs for healthy growth and development. Track the timing and duration of your nursing sessions as well as the breast you previously fed from.


Consistency in breast milk pumping is important to maintain your supply and also prevents breast engorgement. Record the time and amount of milk you are pumping and manage upcoming sessions accordingly.


Feeding your child from the bottle is a helpful alternative when breast feeding is currently not an option. Save both your baby's drinking activity and additional details on milk, formula, portion sizes and more.


Changing diapers will not only keep your baby clean, it helps you to understand the mannerism of a newborn’s digestive system. Add your child’s diaper use and keep track of occurring changes easily.


Getting enough sleep is one of the most essential parts of a baby’s life. Monitor the recurrence and keep an eye on the evolving time spans of your baby’s naps to ensure a healthy sleeping habit.


Keep your baby’s activity data synced on all of your connected devices, so both Mom and Dad but also your babysitter can access and update your child’s eating, sleeping and digestive habits.

Cloud Storage & Online Dashboard

Did you lose your phone in the baby change? No big deal. Your data is safe with us and can be recovered instantly. When it’s time for a doctor’s visit, use Mamae’s online dashboard to share useful daily, weekly and monthly reports of your baby's development.